Project Runway Season 15 is the fifteenth season of the television show Project Runway, appearing on Lifetime. The season began on September 15, 2016, and attracted 1.72 million total viewers. There are 16 designers competing to become "the next great American designer." Supermodel Heidi Klum, Marie Claire creative director Nina Garcia, and fashion designer Zac Posen are all returning as judges this season. Tim Gunn maintains his role as the workroom mentor.


  • Anna
  • Alla Z. Roldan
  • Alysia Beckford
  • Britt Brooks
  • Juanita B. Bledman
  • Karina Villa
  • Keke
  • Kristy
  • Lais Scheffler
  • Meandra Nel
  • Paola Horber
  • Priscilla Cox
  • Sherica Maynard
  • Stacy
  • Theresa
  • Tirzah Evora

Elimination Table

  • In episode 5, Jenni and Brik's outfit received negative critiques despite being on the winning team. Conversely, Mah-Jing's outfit received positive critiques despite being on the losing team.
  • In episode 6, Heidi stated that Dexter was lucky to have immunity because none of the judges liked his look.
  • In episode 8, Erin's outfit received positive critiques despite being on the losing team and Tim used his "Tim Gunn Save"

Model Elimination Table

Designer Legend

  • Alex Snyder: AS
  • Brik Allen: BA
  • Cornelius Ortiz: CO
  • Dexter Simmons: DS
  • Erin Robertson: ER
  • Ian Hargrove: IH
  • Jenni Riccetti: JR
  • Kimber Richardson: KR
  • Laurence Basse: LB
  • Linda Marcus: LM
  • Mah-Jing Wong: MJ
  • Nathalia JMag: NJ
  • Rik Villa: RV
  • Roberi Parra: RP
  • Sarah Donofrio: SD
  • Tasha Henderson: TH

Episode 1: An Unconventional Launch Party

  • The 16 designers were tasked to create an outfit that incorporated “the spirit, the aura and the vibe” of the launch party. This was an unconventional materials challenge with the party decorations serving as the materials.
  • Guest Judge: Savannah Guthrie
  • WINNER: Erin

Episode 2: Just Fabulous!


  • In one day and with $150, contestants designed a look for the everyday woman. The winning look was reproduced and sold on
  • Guest Judge: Nina Dobrev
  • WINNER: Laurence

Episode 3: Blacklight or Daylight?

  • Contestants designed a look that would be shown under a black light on the runway.
  • Guest Judge: Jaime King
  • WINNER: Erin
  • ELIMINATED: Kimber

Episode 4: Sink or Swim

  • In one day contestants designed a swimsuit and cover up. The winning look was reproduced and sold as part of Heidi Klum's swim collection.
  • Guest Judge: Lucky Blue Smith
  • WINNER: Rik

Episode 5: There's No "I" in "Team"

  • The designers were split in to two teams of six to create a four piece mini collection. Each team's budget was determined by their pitch to a group of investors, the judges, who each had $1,000 to invest. Each member of the winning team received $5,000 from Mary Kay.
  • Team Unity was given $800 and House of Bouton was given $2,200
  • House of Bouton was the winning team
  • Guest Judge: Sabrina Carpenter
  • WINNER: Dexter

Episode 6: There IS Crying in Fashion

  • While attending a press cocktail party, the designers are challenged with creating a cocktail dress inspired by the party venue.
  • Guest Judge: Emily Ratajkowski
  • WINNER: Jenni

Episode 7: Welcome to the Urban Jungle

  • The designers take a trip to Universal Studios theme park in Florida. They are then tasked to create a look inspired by the ride "Skull Island Reign of Kong" to create street wear looks.
  • Guest Judges: Rebecca Minkoff and Carly Chaikin
  • WINNER: Laurence

Episode 8: Project Pop Up

  • The designers were split into three teams of three and tasked to create a collection inspired by one of the Sally Beauty colors. They presented the final collections in a Pop-Up Shop in downtown New York City. The public was allowed to voted on their favorite looks which accounted for 20% of the teams' final judging score. Team Neutral received the most votes from the public while Team Blue impressed the judges more and were deemed the best of the week.
  • Guest Judge: Kelly Osbourne
  • WINNER: Roberi
  • SAVED: Cornelius

Episode 9: Life is Full of Surprises

The designers are pleasantly surprised when each one of them is visited by a special guest from home. But the emotional reunions with their mothers, daughters, and friends are quickly overshadowed by the drama of the next challenge when the designers learn that their newly arrived loved ones will also be their clients—and there is $50,000 on the line! Guest Judges: Olivia Culpo and Katia Beauchamp WINNER: Rik ELIMINATED: Jenni

Episode 10: A Power Trip

  • After having a helicopter flight over New York, the designers were tasked to create a high-fashion editorial look for a powerful woman, inspired by their flight. The winning look will be featured in a spread in Marie Claire magazine.
  • Guest Judges: Anne Fulenwider and Camilla Belle
  • WINNER: Cornelius
  • ELIMINATED: Nathalia and Dexter

Episode 11: Bold Innovation

  • The first-ever hybrid challenge tasks the clothiers to fashion innovative avant-garde looks by using conventional fabric and unconventional metal-themed materials. Included: a memorable runway.
  • Guest Judges: Shiri Appleby
  • WINNER: Erin
  • ELIMINATED: Mah-Jing

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